Learn how to play famous casino game – Roulette

Understanding And Practicing Roulette

In the world of casinos, roulette is a game that is hard to miss. Almost every casino worth its name has this game. Since the game belongs to the genre of gambling, the stakes are high. You can get rich quick, lose all your money or possibly even out. The better you know the game though, the better are your chances of winning. The game is all about odds and if you can calculate them well, you can minimize the risk involved in the game. So, rather than jumping straight into a game without a clue as to what is the game about, you should first learn how to play roulette. There is no dearth of resources for learning, with internet being the most exhaustive one.

About the game

The game of roulette is widely played in casinos around the world from America to Europe and from Asia to Australia. The game is usually played by eight players who place a bet depending on the numbers found on the wheel. The dealer or croupier controls the game; he/she starts and stops the betting. The dealer also makes the payoffs.

The roulette wheel is usually numbered from 1 to 36 and the slots vary from red to black. The zero is usually colored green. The European and French roulette wheel has 37 slots representing 36 numbers and a zero. The USA version has two zeros totaling 38 slots.

How roulette is played

The best way for beginners to start learning roulette is by familiarizing with the rules. In roulette, there are different ways of placing bets and each way has a different return and risk factor. You should carefully read every rule and understand it. Attention to details is very important when you learn how to play roulette; missing even a technicality can translate into losing money in a game. The rules are pretty straightforward but there are quite a few of them. Memorize each rule to be a good roulette player.

Every player is required to buy chips which are usually in different colors to ensure proper identification. The chips are imprinted with different denominations therefore making it easy to know how much one is betting.

The dealer asks the players to place their bets and once they are done, the dealer spins the wheel and rolls the ball around the wheel. When this is done, the dealer usually calls for no more bets. Players cannot make any changes to the bets they have made.

The ball is expected to drop in one of the wheel slots which means any player who had predicted on or near the number gets to win. The dealer usually drops the dolly and clears the losing bets. The winners can place new bets or decide to cash in the chips.

How pay outs are made

If a player has achieved a straight up bet, the casino makes a payoff of 35 to 1. For the player, they will collect 36 and with no House advantage, they will collect 37 or 38 for double zero roulette wheels common in the US. For a split bet, the player will collect 17 to 1, for a street bet, the player will collect 11 to 1 and for a corner bet, the pay is 8 to 1. Lastly, for the six number bet, the pay-off to the player is 5 to 1 and for outside dozen and outside even money, the pay-off is 2 to 1 and 1 to 1 respectively.

Objective of the game

In order to win the game, the player is required to predict where the ball lands after every spin. Since it’s not easy, luck is the only factor players depend on. There are players who select the winning numbers calling them hot numbers which have a probability of coming up more times.

Other players bet on numbers that don’t occur frequently while others bet on several numbers in order to increase the chance of winning at every spin. There are methodical players who utilize specific roulette systems as well as money management systems among others.

Basic House rules players need to know

House advantage
You need to know that on a single zero roulette table, the House advantage is 2.7%. For the double zero roulette table, the House advantage is 5.26% or 7.9% on the five number bet. It works by paying the winners a chip or two less.

En Prison rule

This rule applies to even money bets and only in some casinos. If the outcome is zero, there are casinos that will allow a player to take back half the bet or leave the bet for another spin. If the second spin has an outcome of zero, the whole bet will be lost.

La Partage rule

This is similar to the en prison rule but the difference is if the player loses half the bet, they don’t have an option for another spin. This is known as ‘outside’ even money bets Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even and applies when the outcome is zero.

Both rules cut the casino edge on even money bets in half. For instance, a bet on Red on a single zero roulette table with the La Partage rule or en prison rule has a 1.35% House edge while a double zero has 2.63%.

After the rules are learnt, it is time to begin practice. In order to learn how to play roulette, not only a familiarity with the rules is important but also knowing how they are applied. The best way to understand this is to practice. However, practicing by participating in real games can prove to be a really expensive training. So, it is better to play practice games online without using real money. Many websites have online roulette games where the bets are placed using virtual money. Once you start assessing your odds fairly accurately in the practice games, it is time to do the real thing.

Having spent time learning and practicing, you can start applying your skills and knowledge in real games. Even if you have won on many occasions in practice games, you should start slowly in the real world. These initial games at real tables form a part of your learning. You should consider moving to high stakes table only when you feel confident in these games. You will soon start to notice how important it is to learn how to play roulette. You will have an edge over those who haven’t learnt and practiced.

How To Play And Becoming A Pro in Roulette

When you look for a roulette table to play at, you will need to check its minimum and maximum bets sign. Each table would have its set of house rules printed on their surfaces. By referring to the minimum bet, you can decide on which table to play on based on your acceptable price range. Then, you can take your seat at the table and exchange with the table’s attendant your money for chips. To play, put your bets by placing some chips on your selected colored number. The attendant will make it known to everyone when the betting time is finished, and then the ball will be put out into the spinning wheel. After the ball is released, bets made afterwards will not be counted.

Learning how to play roulette includes knowing how to bet. There are different ways of placing your bets, and each different winning bets gets paid differently. The simplest type of bet is to bet on a single number. If that is the winning number, you are paid 35 to 1 odds. The split bet, on the other hand, your bet is placed on a line between two different numbers. If one of them is the winning number, you get paid 17 to 1 odds. For the row bet, you place the bet on the edge of a row of three numbers. Should one of these three numbers win, you will be paid 11 to 1 odds. The corner bet is basically placing a bet at an intersection where four numbers meet. If one of these four is the winning number, you get paid 8 to 1 odds. A street bet happens when you place a bet at the end of where two rows with three numbers meet. One winning number out of the six pays you 6 to 1 odds. As for column bets, you place your bet at the end of a column that has 12 numbers. If your winning number is among the 12 numbers, you will be paid 2 to 1 odds.

When you are done playing, exchange your remaining chips for cash. Unless you are going to play at other roulette tables in the vicinity, your roulette chips cannot be used in other games like card games as the chips tend to be different.

What our visitors are saying:

“Not having heard of the ‘en prison rule’, you risk more by paying other people to need you as their resource, or go to person in the world of casino gambling today. It would be possible for people to trick almost anyone based on the chances that one good roll or even a streak, that the simply by convincing other playing to pull back half their betting pot. It reminds me of trying to steal the blinds in Texas Holdem games, if I am not mistaken. But what a let down it must be to have zero come up twice, in fact the same exact discussion occurred. It always ends with something ulterior in the reasoning to play in such a manner.” – Dave Z.

“It is the predictive part of playing roulette that gets me frustrated, but really more confused. Having to rely on predictive accuracy or pure luck, makes it a game that is hard to play for the fun of it, for me. It seems like in the big picture, most players don’t have any more or less success at calling the hotter numbers. It probably is just the probabilities being accentuated by the patterns in chaos randomized view of the balls, where they land and what bets will be gained by following other rules, and understanding the odds based on having house advantage or not. ” – Candice R

“Yes, I have seen players that know every strategy available, usually they can implement them flawlessly. The ability to switch from one style to another is sure to drive many people nuts, mainly due to the inconsistent nature of game players of various temperaments. I suppose my modus operandi would be like the Oscar’s Grind strategy the most. Although who decided to let those ridiculous hair-dos be included in the future incarnations, of those inbred lifers ane rednecks for hire. I mean, isn’t the intention to draw input on things positively, which increases the odds, no matter what start or will ever finish talking to the world about, finally the next day. ” – George B.

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